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Karen is a professional multimedia sculptor who has been carving sand sculptures for 14 years. Her passion for sculpting in many mediums led her to a career in sand.


She began her sculpting career at age 14 in a pottery studio in Guelph, Ontario in 1983. While taking a pottery class there, the studio’s owner encouraged Karen to explore the possibility of sculpting as a career. Making small animal figures out of clay became an 11 year hobby. Then, in 1994, a professional sand sculptor hired her to help him on a small sand sculpture in a local mall. Karen was immediately addicted and spent the next 4 years learning the rudiments of sand sculpture while still working full time in the food service industry. In 1998 she entered her first international contest and by 2001 she was working full time as a free-lance sculptor.  


 Her work as a free-lance sculptor includes many sculpting mediums including sand, snow, clay, stone, super sculpey, foam, wood and fiberglass for movies, television, special events, art galleries and print ads. She also collaborates with several sand sculpture companies in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Italy, Holland, Spain, Japan and Australia.


She has participated in 60 sand sculpting competitions all over the world and won many titles. The high point was at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C, Canada in September 2004. At this event, Karen was the Solo World Champion of Sand Sculpture and also won the Sculptor’s Choice award. She is the only woman to achieve these honors in the contest’s 18 year history.


To date, Karen is a 3 time World Champion of sand sculpture:


1 solo division 2004

1 doubles division with team mate Matt Deibert 2002

1 Grand Master doubles division with team mate Richard Varano 2006


 And she is a 3 time North American Champion of sand sculpture:


1 solo division 2007

2 doubles division with team mate Scott Herel 2004 and 2005

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